My name is David Dib. I’m the face of the Juice Run. However, the Juice Run is not really just me. It’s also made up of relatives who help out when they can, friends who assist when they’re able to, and most importantly, YOU, the customer.

The concept of the Juice Run was simply an idea that I wasn’t sure would work out.

In early November, 2017, I advertised a different approach.

I sent a message to vape customers here in Lebanon telling them I can get vape products that were hard to find, or were simply not available in Lebanon. And most importantly, I could get them for less! But their was 1 condition…

I asked them to pay in advance.

Now I must admit, the idea of giving someone your money before you get your product was not appealing to most.

The first Juice Run was short of 10 orders. But in due time, trust grew, and here we are today.

The Juice Run will save you money on authentic vape products. It can also provide you with a variety of juices, tanks, mods, and more.

All hardware has a 30 day guarantee on it.

Presently, we’ve fulfilled orders for over 1,700 customers. We work alongside vape dealerships here in Lebanon, and we continue to provide customers with the best prices available.

I want to sincerely thank you for helping this little idea come to fruition.